Dr. Sheena C. Howard

This course is taught by San Diego Comic-Con Eisner Award winning writer, Dr. Sheena C. Howard (Freelance writer for DC Comics, Lion Forge and more). She is also a Professor of Communication. Dr. Howard has written several critically acclaimed books and has appeared on NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR and more.

In this course you will learn ...

  • How to write comic books and graphic novels from start to finish
  • How to format your script like the pros
  • How to pace your story like a pro
  • How to write an effective outline that makes scriptwriting easier
  • The writers place in the comic book making process
  • Working with artists etiquette
  • Comics panel theory and its relation to story pacing
  • Developing stories using narrative story arcs: monomyth, 3-act structure and "in media res"

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